10 Incredible Ways That Gratitude Can Change Your Life

10 Incredible Ways That Gratitude Can Change Your Life


-“Gratitude can transform common days into thanksgivings, turn routine jobs into joy, and change ordinary opportunities into blessings.”

-William Arthur Ward

I think its so important, the simple act of being grateful for not the big things but also the small things in life that we can quite easily take for granted. Gratitude has I believe been a huge turning point in my life, enabling me to be a better friend, brother and work mate. A happier person. I’m by no means perfect but who is right?

If you’re asking yourself the question, “Could this change my life as well?” I’m sure of it! You may not experience quite the same things as I have, but almost certainly this simple act of being Grateful for aspects of your day to day life will have a positive outcome immediately.

The following is some examples of ways you can create a sense of gratitude in your life. Feel free to skim over them and grab the ones that stand out to you and relate to your own lives as you see fit.

  1. The Gratitude List. Take a minute in the morning when you wake up to write down a list of just 6 things you’re grateful for. You could try this routinely for 28 days to make it a new habit if you like. Just this simple act of writing what you grateful for down on paper will instantly make your day better, and be a great way to start your day off on a high. This is by far one of the best uses of my time.
  2. Chose to be grateful not show anger towards a person. This is a complete backflip in changing your attitude, this can be a little challenging to do especially if somone has gone out of thier way to really tick you off! practice makes perfect on this one but my promise to you is that this will make your life a lot more fulfilling and help your mindset be strong.
  3. Love don’t hate. Instead of criticising your significant other…. try this simple tactic and show gratitude towards them. If you’re really angry and about to explode at another person, may it be a lover, a friend or even a colleage take a second, take a deep breath calm down and think about all the reasons you could be grateful in this situation at this very second! You’ll find  as I have, that you will become a stronger person, your relationships will development into something more, something better! By simply taking the time to be in control of your emotions, your mindset and your actions.
  4. Turn a challenge into something to be grateful for. How often have you looked at a problem and thought ” Why does this always happen to me. There is no way in hell any good could come of this situation” If something goes wrong, then comes the complaining the being hard on yourself over what has come of it. Instead of falling into this shockingly bad scenario, look at it as a time to be grateful for the challenge and see it as a scenario to learn and grow and become better at something.
  5. When you suffer a tragedy, be grateful for the gift that is life. Everyone some time in their life will experience a tragic loss, may it be a friend, a loved one, a sibling… unfortunately its one of those things in life that is unavoidable. Through time and grief the most important things to go through after a tragedy there is a time to reflect and love a person who has lived a life well. Having appreciation for the life you live is most important. The life of the special loved ones that are still with you. Take this opportunity to show appreciation to these people and enjoy life whenever you can!
  6. Sound genuinely happy to hear from the people who call you on the phone. Whether the caller responds with surprise or delight, they will know you value speaking to them. I have tried and tested this and found it makes a huge difference in your everyday experiences with people.
  7. Make a vow to yourself not to complain, criticise, or gossip for 10 days. If you slip, rally your willpower and keep at it. Notice the amount of energy you where spending on negative actions and thoughts. I experienced this first hand in my life. Make this change and be better for it.
  8. Contribute to something you truly believe in. This is probably the greatest single most amazing improvement to create a more fulfilling and happy greateful life. Become involved in a cause that is important to you and your soul. Donate money or time or talent. By joining in, you’ll gain greater appreciation for the cause, and it will appreciate you more too. What goes around comes around my friends.
  9. Complements Complements, Everywhere!! This is a game changer. Try to give at least one compliment daily. It can be to a person or it can be asking somone to share you appreciate of something else (“I love how great the weather is today, don’t you?”). This simple act will improve your sense of well being happiness and is another example of how you can implement gratitude in day to day happenings.
  10.  Keep a Gratitude Journal. This is great because it’s something you can refer back to when you’re having maybe a down day (which we all have) no one is exempt from those that’s for sure. This journal can be used for your gratitude list in the mornings and can be with you every step of your individual journey. I personally keep a journal with me at all times to write down my thoughts and big ideas. We all have those but getting them down on paper can put them into action.

“The way to develop the best that is in a person is by appreciation and encouragement.” -Charles Schwab

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