A useful article about Success inspired by Heather Mathews

My aim was to create a review about the course by life coach and writer Heather Mathews ‘Manifestation Miracle’ and upon reading it through and completing the course I discovered some interesting things. Possibly a Manifestation Miracle scam? What is the law of attraction? These where questions I was convinced about upon completing the course.
The law of attraction is one of the most commonly known of the universal laws. The Fundamental principal of the Law of Attraction is quite simple – like energy attracts like energy. You are already using the principles of the law of attraction in your own life to create your current reality whether you’re aware of it or not. Have you ever noticed that what you think eventually comes to be?

Heather Mathews manifestation miracle course I found had a very strong correlation to the laws of attraction and how to use them effectively in everyday life. You are what you think, by the law of attraction you magnetically attract to you the things you think about most often, whether you want them or not. It got me to realise about what I think most often, writing these things down and realising that by thinking about for example what I’m thankful for every day had a positive effect on people that I attracted in my life.

“ The path of life has many directional arrows. You just need to find out which arrow is yours.”

You may not even know or, perhaps more importantly, BELIEVE that something more is possible. Although intuitively you know that the beaten path is not the path you’re meant to be on. You know because your heart keeps trying to nudge you in the direction that is truly yours. When was the last time you did something to please others – even at the cost of not pleasing yourself?
To achieve success using the laws of attraction I found can be a very useful tool to incorporate in your life. Secret to success I think lies in the ability to put a lot of trust in your ability to bring good things into your life. Ask and it is given! Keeping a strong attention and focus on your goals for success and you will attract these to quite simply live your dream.

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