Exercises For Developing Your Intuition

I Personally have had great success with using the following techniques outlined in Manifestation Miracle Heather Mathews ebook that has made an improvement in my lifestyle and has developed my intuition over time.

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Experimentation is part of developing your intuition. Use those exercises that you enjoy and feel free to change others to fit your needs.

If you want to enhance your learning, you may also wish to keep an Intuition Journal. A journal will help you keep a record of key events and any synchronicities you might experience. A journal can also help you monitor and evaluate your intuition as you learn what habits and exercises work for you.

1. Working with your dreams

  • Before you go to bed at night or lay down to rest during the day, put a pen and paper next to you.
  • After you lay down, consciously ask your intuition for a dream or daydream image that will benefit your life and the lives of those around you.
  • Repeat your request as often as possible before you drift off.
  • When you wake up, even if you don’t remember anything specific, write or draw whatever comes into your mind.
  • Look over and evaluate what you receive. Act on the advice where appropriate.
  • Repeat as you wish.

2. Asking for guidance:

  • Find a place to sit comfortably.
  • Follow your breath by counting “1” on the inhale “2” on the exhale.
  • Take 3 deep breaths.
  • When you are relaxed and quiet identify an event or situation that you’d like more insight about.
  • Focus on the event or situation intently for a few minutes.
  • Ask for direct intuitive guidance about it in the near future. You could use a simple question such as, “What do I need to know about ‘x’?
  • Let your wish go and await guidance

3. Ask a question:

  • Ask yourself: If I knew I would receive help from my intuition, what
    is it that I am most concerned about or most interested in growing
    or manifesting right now? ex. relationship skills, a rewarding career,
    personal development, financial stability, etc.
  • Formulate a question and ask it internally as often as you can.

4. Working with symbols:

  • Get a piece of paper and a pen or pencil.
  • Ask yourself the following question three times, pausing between each
    question. “What does my life need right now?” Imagine you are going
    toward a more meaningful answer each time you ask.
  • When you’ve finished with the 3rd question, pick up your pen and draw
    one symbol on your paper.
  • Interpret this symbol. What does it suggest you add, subtract, or enjoy
    from your life?

Please approach these exercises with an open mind and know that some may be more suited to you then others. I have had great success with “Asking for guidance” as this process starts by relaxing the body and mind, using the law of attraction to not only be more intuitive about a certain event or circumstance but to find a greater understanding too  by using this technique.

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