You are what you see

Seeing is about perspective. What’s your perspective on yourself, your life and on

How you see yourself, your life, and the people you choose to surround yourself
with will ultimately frame how you think … which controls what you attract … which
controls the quality, happiness, and fulfillment of your life.
There is simple wisdom in the common saying, “Look on the bright side.” Looking
on the bright side of life and finding the positive will help keep your energy and
vibrations positive.
You will be faced with many challenges and change throughout your lifetime but it’s
your perspective which will ultimately determine whether the experience is positive
or negative. Any situation can be either, it’s all in how you choose to see things.
So often, we don’t see the positive in our circumstances until it’s too late – we’ve
already put ourselves through mounds of pain and agony unnecessarily before
allowing ourselves to see the good.

How many times have you looked back at a situation in your life that you saw as
negative at the time only to say, “I’m so glad that happened.” You can now see it as
the “blessing in disguise” that it is.
The trick is to learn to find the bright side now, in the present moment.
Humor is one of the best tools for finding the bright side and for keeping your
energy there too. “My memory’s not working so well but my forgetter’s working
really well” is a great example of humour used by my Grandmother as her memory
began to fail in her older years. And heck, it’s a line you can use if you’re under 80
years of age too!
The bright side feels good and lifts your energy. A simple step to help you begin to
shift your perspective in any situation is to ask yourself this question: “How can I
see this situation in a way that will feel good?

”Your desire to feel good will naturally help lead you to finding the bright side …
which will change your thoughts, change your vibrations, and literally begin to
powerfully attract more of what you want into your life.
Looking on the bright side also keeps your attention focused on where you wish
to go and what you wish to create in your life. It’s a powerful form of appreciation
when you can overlook the negative and focus your attention on the positive.
As we’ll discuss in more detail in a later chapter, gratitude and appreciation are
potent emotions which help attract even more of what you’re already grateful for
into your life.

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