You’ll See It When You Believe It

While it’s true that seeing evidence of something will lead to believing it is true, manifesting and creating the life of your dreams will require a very different way of thinking.

Dreams come to fruition when you begin by deciding that something is true and then energize your belief that you know it eventually will be true.

Instead of believing it when you see it, you’ll see it when you believe it.

A powerful tool that will help you to manifest your desires in this way is visualization. Like affirmations, visualization works to re-program both your conscious and your subconscious mind to bring them in tune with your desires. Visualisation techniques are taught in the manifesation miracle pdf ebook.

Here’s how it works.

When you visualize something over and over again, whether it’s a house, a goal or some desired outcome, you build “cells of recognition” in your memory bank.

This serves you in two important ways:

When you continuously focus on an image in your mind, every cell in your body gets involved in the process. Your energetic vibration shifts and resonates with everything that is in tune with that image.


This higher state of vibration not only moves you towards your desire but also moves everything that is needed to manifest that desire towards you as well.

Similar to positive affirmations, once you impress a new thought, idea or image into your subconscious, it eventually becomes rooted in the soil of your subconscious.

When this happens, your subconscious accepts it as true and automatically works to attract and create your desire.

The following story from manifestation miracle by heather mathews is about famous actor Jim Carrey demonstrates the incredible power of visualization and how it can bring seemingly “unbelievable” dreams to life.

Long before he made it in Hollywood, Carrey would drive himself to the top of the Hollywood Hills, sit in his car and visualize a successful acting career.

He didn’t go home until he firmly believed the pictures of success he’d created in his mind and until he was filled with a complete sense of euphoria.

In 1990, when he was still relatively unknown, he made out a cheque to himself, post-dated for Thanksgiving 1995, for $10 million dollars for “acting services rendered”. At the time, there was certainly no indication on the horizon that he’d ever earn that kind of money.

Guess what happened next?

Just before Thanksgiving 1995, Carrey signed a contract for $10 million.

As Carrey himself admits, he was absolutely tenacious about his dream and never gave up on his wish to become a Hollywood actor. Even when he was living in a camper-van with his family after his father lost his job, he held onto his dream and continued to visualize future success.

As Carrey’s story illustrates, when it comes to your dreams and desires, you don’t have to see it to believe it. You first have to believe it, then you’ll see it by use of manifestation, determination and persistent visualisation.

Even medical professionals are now using visualization techniques with their patients to assist in the healing process.

Scientists have conducted studies demonstrating that the power of mental imagery can help boost the immune system as well as lower a patient’s blood pressure and heart rate.

Visualization can be used in almost any area of your life to create whatever you desire.

So how does it work?

Essentially, an image of your desire must first be created in your thoughts before it manifests in “real life”.

Athletes, for instance, use the power of visualization to get their body to perform or move the way that they want it to. A diver will visualize a perfect dive off the diving board over and over again, before even attempting the dive. By performing the dive in their mind, they’re training their body to automatically do whatever it takes to make their image a reality.

Think of visualization being like an impulse that triggers a muscle to move. When you visualize, you are naturally triggering energy into a vibrational state that will manifest whatever you desire. First, the image will trigger unseen energy in your subconscious which will then seek a corresponding vibrational match in the real world.

Secondly, visualizing an image of something you desire will also raise your own energetic vibration. Just like Jim Carrey’s example, visualizing your own image of success or manifestation of your dreams should leave you feeling excited and euphoric.

You’re likely already using visualization every day whether you’re aware of it or not. Your daydreams, mental rehearsals or imagination are all visualization techniques which you use to create your experience of reality.

Are you using the power of visualization to create what you want or what you don’t want? Unfortunately, most people unconsciously use visualization to create what they don’t want by replaying their fears over and over in their minds.

So what are the keys to using visualization successfully to create what you want?

The first component of an effective visualization is determining a clear image of what you want to create in your life, an image that is also completely in tune with who you are. Be clear that what you want is actually what you want.

Thinking about and imagining your desire should leave you feeling really good which is a good sign that you and your desire are in alignment.

If you don’t know the specifics of what you wish to manifest, you can begin by thinking in general terms.

For example, you may not know the specific person you’d like to have as your life partner so you may simply visualize yourself in a joyful, romantic and caring relationship.

You can imagine the picture of the life that you and your partner will share and you can bask in the feelings of love and happiness as these images fill your mind. Once you have a general image, you can sit back and wait for life to fill in the details for you.

If you know the specific details of what you wish to manifest, you can clearly picture that image in your minds eye. There is nothing wrong with being very specific however be aware of the fact that manifestation often happens much more quickly if you leave the details to your Higher Self.

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In order to make your visualizations a reality, you also need to charge them with positive emotional energy. Images that are charged with a higher state of vibrational energy will ultimately have a greater effect. This is one of the secrets of successfully using the technique of visualization and is in fact a large part of destiny tuning.

You can energize your thoughts in a couple of different ways:

One of the ways in which you can do this is to activate positive, happy

feelings of success and associate them with your goal.

No doubt you’ve experienced moments of success or happiness in your life. Bring those past moments into your mind and relive the feelings of success and happiness in your imagination. Visualize the event, awaken your feelings of success and allow those feelings to come fully alive again.

While in this state, begin visualizing your current goal while at the same time continuing to relive the feelings you’ve awakened.

In doing so, those feelings will then be associated with your current goal and you’ll inject a powerful surge of energy into your visualization process that will make it more effective this is how the law of attraction works, by using this process you are effectively attracting these things into your life that you want.

  • Another way to charge your emotional energy is to associate something which automatically raises your vibration with your image.


Music is a perfect example. Listening to an uplifting song or piece of music as you visualize is a wonderful way to supercharge the power of your visualization process. Not only will it generate feel-good emotions but it will also link that image to that piece of music, automatically bringing it positively to mind whenever it plays.

When working to manifest your desires, visualization is one of the most powerful tools that you can have in your magic toolbox. When you wish to manifest like magic, you don’t wait to see something before you believe it. You’re much wiser than that.

You know to believe in mystical things that you cannot see. You believe in the unbelievable. You believe in yourself and your dreams.

Most of all, you firmly believe in what you wish to see. And that’s exactly how you’ll eventually get to see whatever you wish.

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